The surroundings of the campsite La Baraude reserve you beautiful discoveries ...

Château de Fontainebleau

Château de Fontainebleau

Balade en bateau sur le Loing

Balade en bateau sur le Loing

Château de Nemours

Château de Nemours

Escalade à Fontainebleau

Escalade à Fontainebleau


At the gates of Paris, in a green setting, Fontainebleau mixes history and nature.

Imperial city, Fontainebleau has retained all aspects of a royal city. It is a place of visit and cultural enrichment. With its 17,000 hectares of forest and park, it is the perfect destination for hikers and climbing enthusiasts.




Municipal theater, castle and gardens, cinemas, bars, restaurants make Fontainebleau a dynamic, lively and entertaining city.


The center of attraction of the department, the city shines with its history but also thanks to the many festivals, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, exhibitions throughout the year ...



Conservatory of music and theater, school of fine arts, theater, library, art gallery, Fontainebleau has a cultural richness through its various institutions.


In addition, there are many very active cultural associations and significant political will in this area.


All this allows the city to shine in the territory and offer a rich cultural life, accessible and varied.


Located 80 km south of Paris, Nemours will offer you a pleasant place to stay, in the countryside, on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau and the edge of the Loing.


Occupied since prehistoric times, the territory is full of remarkable sites dating from this period, such as Ormesson archaeological excavations or the Departmental Museum of Prehistory of Ile de France. The castle-museum of Nemours is the symbol of our medieval heritage but the picturesque villages of the surroundings also offer unsuspected wealth.


On foot, by car, by boat, on horseback or by bike, discover our historical and natural heritage.


Fontainebleau is also attached to its secular tradition. Become "horse capital" thanks to unique and prestigious horse assets like its magnificent site of the "Grand Parquet", this sports center hosts about twenty races that take place each year.


The surrounding cities are home to many resources on their territory (gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, sports courses, climbing grounds ...) and are lucky to be able to count on the involvement of local associations.


The actions put in place are intended to encourage the practice of physical and sports activities among the youngest, senior citizens, insiders or non-athletes!


Most shops and services are located 3 km from the campsite.


Here is a site that will allow you to see in detail the various businesses that are nearby: